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Welcome to Level 4 Funding Arizona Mortgage Broker. Funding for individuals and corporations. Phoenix Arizona Mortgage Broker, Arizona Home Loans and Private Money Lender.
Call us when the banks say no!
We fund when their are credit problems.

We offer Private Hard Money, FHA, VA, USDA, HARP, Refinance, Conventional, Jumbo Loans Home Loans. 

We do them all!

Level 4 Funding LLC is a Mortgage Broker Company located in Phoenix Arizona that funds Home Loans and Real Estate Properties.  Call us when banks say no. 

Our goal is to provide a short term and long term Mortgages for Real Estate Investors and Home Owners who are purchasing a new home and need a home loan,  foreclosure, bank owned or short sale property.

We are Mortgage Brokers and can provide you with may options.  We work with a lot of banks and investors and can broker the best deal for you!

We Offer Home Loans, Private Hard Money, FHA, VA, USDA, HARP, Refinance,  Conventional, Jumbo Loans.  We do them all!

Give me a call at 623-582-4444.

Thanks Dennis

We loan to people with credit issues.  Email me at Dennis@Level4Funding.com  or call 623-582-4444


Current Mortgage Rates For Arizona Home Loans

Government Home Loan Programs

FHA         30yrF             From    3.500%

FHA        5/1 ARM         From    2.750%

VA            30yrF             From    3.875%

USDA     30yrF              From    3.750%

As low as 550 FICO you can get a home loan.


Conventional Home Loan Programs

JUMBO       5/1 ARM         From 3.875%

Conv           30yrF              From 4.635%


Private Home Loan Rates --  Hard Money

Sub Prime         30yrF              From 8.9%

Hard Money    6-24 Months    From 11.99%


Rates vary depending on items such as Credit Score, Down Payment, Employment.

Our Goals

To provide Arizona Home Loans and short term funding for individuals who are investors and professionals in real estate. We provide traditional Home Loans and Private Home Loan Funding

Latest Events

The latest news and events of hard money lending and Arizona Home Loans.



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