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Level 4 Funding

Arizona Mortgage Broker

Private Hard Money Lender

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Phoenix AZ 85027

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We do them all! 

Along with Arizona Private Hard Money Mortgages and Loans we also provide FHA, VA, USDA, HARP2 Refinance, Conventional and Jumbo Mortgages.  We have access to Freddie and Fannie loan programs as well as the training and computer software to quickly get you approved for your personal home loan. Credit scores as low as 550 can get approved for FHA, USDA Mortgages. If you need a conditional loan approval letter, we can quickly evaluate your situation and provide you with a strong letter when you go out to purchase your new home.
































































Arizona Hard Money Loan Mortgage Broker yes we can!

Welcome to Level 4 Funding Phoenix Arizona Private Hard Money Loan Mortgage Broker.   Licensed in the Arizona as a Private Hard Money Lender that funds private hard money loans for real estate investors and professionals and home owners. Level 4 Funding LLC has a great team of professionals that can help get the tough Arizona hard money loan mortgage approval for you at the best possible rates. We are the premier hard money mortgage brokers when you need a private money loan or mortgage. We have very competitive rates and generous lending standards for underwriting a loan. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Level 4 Funding LLC is among the very few Hard Money Mortgage Broker Companies

Funding for individuals and corporations. Our goal is to provide a short term 1 – 6 months and long term 1- 24 months private hard money loan mortgages for real estate investors and home owners who are purchasing a new home and need a home mortgage.  We also provide funding for investors who are purchasing a home at a foreclosure, bank owned or short sale property. Along with private hard money, we also offer mortgages meeting FHA, VA, USDA, HARP2 Refinance guidelines along with conventional home mortgages. 

Call us when the banks say no!  We fund private hard money loans you when you are self-employed or have credit problems and want to buy an investment property by trying to obtain a loan from a bank, but the bank says no. If you are an investor, fix & flip professional, or you need cash to start a business or other business opportunities we can provide short-term private hard money. As a private hard money lender, Level 4 Funding LLC has investors who look past the credit issues and consider the project and the value of the project when we provide a hard money loan mortgage for you. Arizona hard money lenders provide quick funding -sometimes in as little as 24 hours! No long applications or piles of paper work or endless requests for more documents.

We are Hard Money Loan Mortgage Brokers and can provide you with many options.  We work with a lot of banks and investors so we can broker the best hard money loans in Arizona deal for you! There are only a few mortgage brokers in Arizona and most companies are bankers who can’t do what we do as investors. The requirements to be a licensed mortgage broker are tougher and require more education and experience that a mortgage banker. As a hard money mortgage broker, when a bank or investor says no, we can go to another bank or investor in our large list possibilities until we hear yes! You’re not limited to one set of guidelines that a borrower must meet as you would when you work with a Mortgage Banker. Instead, we have a wide list of different mortgage programs available.   We are an Arizona hard money brokers and in the industry we will ‘shop your mortgage package’ around until we find the best rates and program that meet your hard money loan or mortgage request. No matter your situation, credit score, or your project we seem to always find a bank, mortgage banker, or private investor that will say yes to your loan.

We do them all!  Give us a quick call to discuss your situation and your project. We can provide you with an answer over the phone with no obligation or pre-paid fees in advance. If we can help we will, if not we can tell you the course of action you need to take to get your project funded. Yes we do them all, give us a call today for a Private Hard Money Arizona Loan! Give me a call at 623-582-4444.

Thanks Dennis

We Provide Mortgage to people with credit issues, self employed.  Email me at  or call 623-582-4444

Current Mortgage Rates For Arizona Home Mortgages


Private Hard Money Home Loan Rates

Sub Prime       30yrF            From 6.5% APR*

Hard Money  3-24 Months   From  6.5% APR*

Bridge Loans   3-12 Months From  7.5% APR*

FHA Loans FICO 550+

Conventional Jumbo


Poor Credit - Give us a call.

Programs for FICO Score at 550+

Construction Loans - Give us a call.

Owner Occupied - No Problem

Self Employed - No Problem

Rental/Investment/Fix&Flip - No Problem

Bridge Loans - No Problem

BK, Foreclosure, Short Sale - No Problem


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*Rates vary depending on items such as Credit Score, Loan Purpose, Down Payment, LTV, Income. Call for details. Not everyone will qualify for the lowest rates. Call for free no obligation Quote. Programs can end at any time.


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Our Goals

To provide Arizona Home Mortgages - Loans, for investors and home owners. To find a loan program that meets any need from a borrower by having an array of lending paths.  There is a loan for everyone. We provide traditional Home Mortgages and Private Hard Money Home Loan Funding.

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If you have a toxic credit score we can help. After being in the mortgage business this long, we have seen it all and many of us have even been in the same position ourselves. We know what it takes to fix your credit score and get you to the top again. We’ve assisted clients in going from the bottom and moving forward to a top credit score. There is a proven step-by-step guideline you can follow to improve your score. Many of our clients started improvements on their score quickly and in a matter of a few months can qualify for the home they want.


































































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