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Loan Value Up to 90%*

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Flexible Terms From 3 to 60 Months*

 Fixed Rate From 7.99%*

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Why Choose Level 4 Funding

Level 4 Funding is a Hard Money Mortgage Broker who will work for you to provide you with the best possible rates and terms.   We are better than the bank, we’ll go to bat for you, to personally show your loan criteria to over 200+ professionals that will provide their best rock bottom terms and conditions. Underwriting is fast and easy; with closing is just a few days. Loan Rate start at 7.99%*.

Call Level 4 Funding for a private hard money loan from $50,000 to over $50,000,000. If you need money for Investment Purchase, Fix&Flip, Bridge Loans, Commercial Loans, Business Loans, Construction Loans, Cash-Out Loans we can help.

Level 4 Funding LLC is among the very few private hard money loan broker located in the Arizona and Texas that funds private hard money loans for variety of real estate investors and professionals.

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  • “Top notch loan broker. who was awesome, quick, prompt, and most importantly, delivered. I would say don't even waste your time with another broker - these folks get the deal done, period. As a lawyer, they have helped me and many of my clients with a can-do attitude, and professionalism that is unmatched. A definite recommendation.”
  • “I was working with a hard money lender (OF) for the past ten days. 24 hours before my loan was supposed to close they called me and told me they were lowering my loan amount by 15%. I called Mark G at Level 4 Funding and told him the situation. If you want work with someone honest and professional call Level 4 Funding today.”
    Roger Johanson
  • “After hearing, the good things about this company, I think they are on top of their game. I will keep recommending people I know in Arizona to level 4 Funding.”
    Rick Carrol

We Can Help You Find the Right Mortgages

We are brokers and have a wide array of sources to fund you next project. Better than the bank we will promote your project to find you the best rates and terms.

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Trust Deed Investor
You've Done The Unthinkable You Became The Bank

 When you are Investing in Deeds of Trust you become the bank.  No middle man, all the interset comes directly to you , and at a high rate of return typically 8-24.9%.  Best of all your Trust Deed Investment is back up by a solid hard asset.

Today when you deposit your money in a bank, the bank will make money on your deposit and pay you a very small, if any, return on your deposit.  If there is money made by the bank on you deposit, you will never get it.  When you invest in Deeds of Trust, you are the bank and all profit, interest is all yours

Better than the bank!

Banks are only paying a little interest if any.  But investing in Trust Deeds, the borrower will pay you, directly at a very good rate.  Typically, the average return on your investment is 12%, but depending on the risk factor of the Trust Deed Investments, the rate can be as high as 24.9% or more.

Your investment is backup by the hard assets of the property, not a promise from the bank.  You can actually go and look at the investment and see the status of the property.  The Trust Deed Investment is not going to disappear in the middle of the night, and is fully insured for loss.  The next time you give your money to a bank for little or no return, ask them where your money is going. 

Fully Insured - Guarantee

Even if the property completely burns down to the ground your Trust Deed Investment is insured.  It is ever better than the stock market, where you can wake up some morning and hear on the news that the company you invested with is going out of business.  You have no claim and you completely lose your entire investment.     
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....            The Process of Investing in Deeds of Trust....

  • "I was scared and not certain about the deals, but when I talked to my attorney I realized the investment was safe and secured, I was ready to go”
  • "I’ve done 3 deals and I love the 12% on a secured investment.”
    Donna Lee
  • " I found that this is a quick way to earn 12 percent on my money. Don’t know where else you could get such a nice return on your investment”
    Joan Callahan

Considering a Hard Money Loan In California for your next commercial project or business plan?
If that’s where your financing search is headed  it is important to
know the pros and cons of a commercial hard money loan.

By know you know Hard Money Lenders California are some of the most readily available hard money financing options, which is great for shopping around for the best rates and terms. But, in general, you may be wondering what exactly the benefits or rather advantages of Hard Money Loan California are? Moreover, you may also want to know exactly what the disadvantages are of these particular kinds of loans. Well, the good news is the benefits outweigh the disadvantages by far.

Another major benefit to California hard money is the ability to get a project funded that you were unable to get funded or rather financed anywhere else. One common example is a fix and flip project. Often, banks are not interested in short-term lending. This is not to say that banks do not offer short-term options but rather that banks are in the business of making money and the easiest way to do that is to approve long-term loans more often. Furthermore, banks look at these kinds of projects such as a fix and flip as high-risk which only make getting financing harder.

The Pitfalls of Hard Money Lenders California

So now that we’ve covered the major benefits of all things hard money, let’s talk about those pesky pitfalls and disadvantages. The top disadvantage when dealing with hard money financing is of course that higher than average interest rate. But, in reality, just as banks need to make a profit and are concerned about high-risk borrowers, non-bank lenders need to see some return on their investment hence the higher rates. Disadvantage number 2 is the fact that California hard money financing is only available for short-term use. This means if you are looking for financing for a project that others have deemed high-risk for more than 1-5 years you may have to look elsewhere.

Commercial Hard Money

Lastly, hard money loans California require either a minimum amount of equity i.e. at least 25% or a significant down payment. In the world of Commercial hard money, that minimum amount becomes 40% and the down payment is much larger. This increase is ultimately due to the fact that if there is a default, selling the commercial property is much harder to do and often requires a discounted sale price in order to recoup what the non-bank lender lost.